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Tyler Search is the Dominant Recruiting firm in the Trade Compliance industry. We have been involved in over 500 successful Compliance hires.

Our Trade Compliance placements range from Vice President to Analyst level positions…we have helped companies find their top Trade Compliance Executive and then helped build their Trade Compliance team.

Vice President – Director – Manager – Analyst – Specialist - Coordinator
ITAR – Empowered Official - Licensing - Classifications – FTZ – Licensed Broker

Our Recruiters include former Global Trade Professionals who have extensive real world experience.

Our clients include a variety of firms from the largest Fortune 500 companies to small and mid-size Importers, Exporters, Consultants, Law Firms and Brokers.

We give personal attention to our clients and candidates to assess their import/export compliance requirements and skills to include State and Commerce Department (ITAR and EAR) licensing, Customs compliance, C-TPAT, D-TRADE, GSP, SNAP-R, Valuation, HTS and ECCN classification, FTZ, ACE, NAFTA, Focused Assessment audits (FA's), FCPA, prior disclosures, voluntary disclosures, PIP, TAA's, MLA's, country of origin, marking, encryption, FDA, ISF, 10+2, Reconciliation, etc.

The Compliance opportunity can be for newly created, replacement and/or restructured positions. We have experience filling positions in all industries including electronics, automotive, healthcare, aerospace and defense, pharmaceutical, chemical, consumer products, high tech, telecom etc. Our industry knowledge and experience provides us with the insight needed to recruit and properly match the right candidates to our clients.

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Bill Conroy
Executive Director

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