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This is a Partial Listing of our active searches. We also have other confidential opportunities that we cannot list publicly.

See something that interests you…then please email your updated resume to the Recruiter handling the Search…and please indicate the reference #...

Don't see anything that is a fit…we don't list all our positions so send us your resume... we may have a position for you now or in the future... and we'll alert you when that opportunity develops

Continued success…Team Tyler

Trade Compliance Opportunities

Position, State, Ref, Recruiter

Director, Trade Compliance Shanghai Ref #5565 Kristine Reide
Officer, Export Compliance NM Ref #5567 Kristine Reide
Sr. Mgr, Global Trade MI Ref #5572 Melissa Rivera
Sr. Mgr, Import Export Compliance MD Ref #5564 Barbara Stevens
Sr. Mgr, Int’l Trade Compliance MA or VA Ref #5544 Barbara Stevens
Sr. Specialist, Global Trade Compliance OK Ref #5559 Kristine Reide
Mgr, Global Trade Compliance DE Ref #5561 Bill Conroy
Mgr, Trade Compliance & Logistics NY Ref #5570 Nicole Benker
Mgr, Export Compliance IL Ref #5545 Bill Conroy
Specialist, Export Compliance SC Ref #5567 Kristine Reide
Specialist, Export Compliance CA Ref #5566 Kristine Reide
Specialist, Trade Compliance NJ Ref #5553 Nicole Benker
Specialist, Contracts NJ Ref #5540 Nicole Benker
Analyst, Import Customs PA Ref #5560 Nicole Benker


Corporate Supply Chain Mgmt / Logistics

Position, State, Ref, Recruiter
VP, Logistics Operations NJ Ref #5562 Nicole Benker

Logistics Providers / Forwarders / Brokers

Position, State, Ref, Recruiter

Mgr, Import LCB CA Ref #5508 Nicole Benker
Mgr, Executive CA Ref #5509 Nicole Benker
Mgr, Import Compliance CA Ref #5496 Nicole Benker
Mgr, Import Brokerage LCB MD Ref #5432 Nicole Benker
Supervisor, Air Export NJ Ref #5555 Nicole Benker
Analyst, Import Customs NJ Ref #5557 Nicole Benker
Entry Writer MD Ref #5536 Nicole Benker
Entry Writer IL Ref #5517 Nicole Benker